Burning the Night

By Glen Huser (Author)

Cover of Burning the Night

With a narrative that intermingles personal family drama with Canadian history, Burning the Night is a captivating tale of love, art, and surprising reveals connected to historical events. The story follows Curtis as he becomes invested in his Aunt Harriet’s intended husband’s diary. In addition to Curtis’s gay coming-of-age storyline, there are plenty of art and music references that artistic-minded readers will find interesting. Prior knowledge of Canadian history, music, and the Group of Seven would be beneficial, but it is not required. This work could be used as a novel study featuring an Albertan voice and setting. Since many of the scenes feature heavy use of dialogue, this novel could be used for learners to practice reading aloud or even adapted into short dramatic scenes to be acted out.

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Awards: Winner, 2022 Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize

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Cover of Burning the Night
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