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By Sean Godwin (Author), Martin Krkosek (Author), Joseph R. Tomelleri (Illustrator), Tavish Campbell (Photographer)


The Pacific Salmon Field Guide is an excellent resource for anyone interested in various species, but it is also a good example of how to write an informative piece about an animal for science lessons. … [Click to Read More]

By Andy MacKinnon (Author), Linda Kershaw (Author), John Thor Arnason (Author), Patrick Owen (Author), Amanda Karst (Author), Fiona Hamersley Chambers (Author)


This guide provides many examples of plants from across Canada, perfect for educators looking to bring the great outdoors into their classroom. Following a robust introduction, entries are grouped by plant type. A pictorial plant … [Click to Read More]

By Ian Sheldon (Author), Tamara Hartson (Author)


Alberta Animal Tracks is a heavily illustrated reference guide that learners can use to identify animal tracks. Each entry includes illustrations of the animal’s tracks with notes about their gait or other facts that could … [Click to Read More]

By Joanna Emery (Author), Roger Garcia (Illustrator)

Curriculum Connections
Health and Life Skills

Gross and Disgusting Things About the Human Body is a collection of short chapters about the things our body does that, while natural, could be considered gross—things like farts, producing mucus, and other wonders of … [Click to Read More]

By Derek Johnson (Author), Linda Kershaw (Author), Andy MacKinnon (Author), Jim Pojar (Author)


Plants of the Western Forest is a comprehensive guide to the flora of the forests in Alberta and nearby provinces. Complete with colour photos and line drawings, this in-depth reference resource provides basic information about … [Click to Read More]