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By Naomi K. Lewis (Author)


Lewis’s memoir Tiny Lights for Travellers follows two threads: the story of her life and divorce, alternating with her Opa’s escape from Nazi-occupied Netherlands. The intergenerational trauma of the Holocaust is touched on as Lewis … [Click to Read More]

By George Blondin (Author)


Yamoria the Lawmaker is a collection of stories that showcase Dene worldviews and moral teachings. The collection is presented by Elder Blondin and includes many stories from his own family experience and teachings; however, some … [Click to Read More]

By Abu Bakr al Rabeeah (Author), Winnie Yeung (Author)


Homes: A Refugee Story takes us into the experience of Abu Bakr al Rabeeah, a young man who had to flee Syria as violence became an everyday occurrence. Written with his English language arts teacher, … [Click to Read More]