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By Joanna Emery (Author), Roger Garcia (Illustrator)

Curriculum Connections
Health and Life Skills

Gross and Disgusting Things About the Human Body is a collection of short chapters about the things our body does that, while natural, could be considered gross—things like farts, producing mucus, and other wonders of … [Click to Read More]

By Wayne Arthurson (Author)


Through short stories, Spirit Animals: The Wisdom of Nature provides insight into some Indigenous perspectives on relationships with and between animals. As noted in the introduction, the book’s content isn’t gospel but it will introduce … [Click to Read More]

By Darlene Pearl Auger (Author), Chloe “Bluebird” Mustooch (Illustrator)


This kit features four storybooks, a CD of the stories read aloud, and a Cree Women in Song CD with a lyric booklet—making it a complete multimedia experience showcasing Woodland Cree teachings around childhood and … [Click to Read More]

By Payne Many Guns (Author), Crystal Many Fingers (Author), Sheena Potts (Author), Latasha Calf Robe (Author), Tim Fox (Author), Marlene Yellow Horn (Author), DerRic Starlight (Author)


Siksikaitsitapi is a collection of seven tales from Blackfoot Elders, authors, and artists, which showcases the strong historical roots of Blackfoot culture and language while celebrating the continued nation members and teachings. With brightly coloured … [Click to Read More]

By Raymond Yakeleya (Author), Deborah Desmarais (Illustrator)


The Tree by the Woodpile is the first book in the Spirit of Nature series, and comprises three stories. The first and longest story, “The Tree by the Woodpile,” is about a young Dene boy … [Click to Read More]

By The Wardens (Author), Lia Golemba (Illustrator)


Based on the song “Government Cowboy” by Alberta-based band The Wardens, Rocky Mountain Rangers: Guardians of the Wild is an exciting adventure through a national park told in rhyming verse. The illustrations produced from hand-carved … [Click to Read More]

By Pat Hatherly (Author), Jesse Horne (Illustrator)


Alberta Blue is more than just a storytime reader that pays tribute to Alberta’s natural environment—it is a multimedia experience with watercolour paintings by Jesse Horne and the country song version by The Travelling Mabels, … [Click to Read More]

By Ayesha Clough (Author), Hugh Rookwood (Illustrator), Keegan Starlight (Illustrator)


Howdy, I’m Flores LaDue introduces readers to this notable woman, a world champion trick roper and First Lady of the Calgary Stampede, who helped put Alberta on the map. Featuring full-colour illustrations by Hugh Rookwood … [Click to Read More]

By Ayesha Clough (Author), Hugh Rookwood (Illustrator)


John Ware est l’un des cow-boys et éleveurs noirs les plus éminents de l’Alberta. Avec Howdy, je m’appelle John Ware, les jeunes apprenants peuvent se familiariser avec le récit de son évasion de l’esclavage, son … [Click to Read More]