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By Tom Sando (Author)


Wild Daisies in the Sand is a collection of the author’s diary entries, written during his imprisonment in internment camps as a Japanese Canadian during World War II. Behind barbed wire fences in Petawawa and … [Click to Read More]

By Cheryl Foggo (Author)


In Pourin’ Down Rain, Cheryl Foggo outlines her experience growing up in Calgary as a young Black woman. She discusses the Black experience and racism in Alberta through her family’s own experiences, with an open … [Click to Read More]

By Jonathan Locke Hart (Author)


Unforgetting Private Charles Smith can be broken into two parts. The first part is the story of the author’s journey of connection with a forgotten Canadian soldier, Private Charles Smith, through the discovery of Smith’s … [Click to Read More]

By Arthur Bear Chief (Author)


Through vignettes, Arthur Bear Chief outlines his experiences at the Old Sun residential school and, later, the trauma of revisiting his experiences for a federal lawsuit. My Decade at Old Sun, My Lifetime of Hell … [Click to Read More]

By Eden Robinson (Author)


Formatted as an accessible short memoir, The Sasquatch at Home is a stream of moments from Eden Robinson’s life, delving into relationships, family, place, and identity. Coming from an Indigenous perspective, Robinson discusses protocol and … [Click to Read More]