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By Gregory Younging (Author)


Elements of Indigenous Style by Greg Younging (Opaskwayak Cree Nation) is a recent guide to writing about Indigenous peoples that provides guidance on appropriate terminology, respecting oral histories, and more. Although the target audience includes … [Click to Read More]

By Jim Parsons (Author), Mariah Schroder (Author)

Curriculum Connections
Social Studies

Tools for Teaching Social Studies is a resource for educators that addresses a wide variety of topics, from finding your teaching style to different ways of using assessment effectively. Many of the topics covered would … [Click to Read More]

By Duane S. Radford (Author)


Duane Radford shares his outdoor wisdom in the Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide, with sections ranging from fishing techniques to basic wilderness first aid. Despite the specialized focus of this book, the tone and vocabulary are … [Click to Read More]

By Derek Johnson (Author), Linda Kershaw (Author), Andy MacKinnon (Author), Jim Pojar (Author)


Plants of the Western Forest is a comprehensive guide to the flora of the forests in Alberta and nearby provinces. Complete with colour photos and line drawings, this in-depth reference resource provides basic information about … [Click to Read More]

By Chris Fisher (Author), John Acorn (Author)


With over 350 species of birds included in one illustrated field guide, Birds of Alberta is an authoritative resource that provides useful information without overwhelming young researchers. Entries for each species include some basic information … [Click to Read More]

By Krista Kagume (Author), Gregory Kennedy (Author)


Alberta Nature Guide is a single resource covering over 400 different species of mammals, birds, fish, and plants that make up the diverse Alberta environment. This reference book is an excellent way to introduce younger … [Click to Read More]

By Laura Swart (Author)


Cut It Out is a guide to improved writing. Each chapter focuses on one of ten rules to help learners avoid some of the most common sentence errors. The chapters provide explanations, examples, and a … [Click to Read More]