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By Helen Waldstein Wilkes (Author)


Filled with photos and personal reflections, Letters from the Lost follows the author’s rediscovery of her family’s experience with the Holocaust through a box of letters and a photo album. This book has a dual … [Click to Read More]

By Ingelore Rothschild (Author), Darilyn Stahl Listort (Editor), Dennis Listort (Editor)

Curriculum Connections
Social Studies
English Language Arts

Much like other books in the Our Lives collection, The Wolves at My Shadow covers historical events from a personal perspective paired with historical material—in this case, photographs. This book presents the viewpoint of a … [Click to Read More]

By Glen Huser (Author)


With a narrative that intermingles personal family drama with Canadian history, Burning the Night is a captivating tale of love, art, and surprising reveals connected to historical events. The story follows Curtis as he becomes … [Click to Read More]

By Tom Sando (Author)


Wild Daisies in the Sand is a collection of the author’s diary entries, written during his imprisonment in internment camps as a Japanese Canadian during World War II. Behind barbed wire fences in Petawawa and … [Click to Read More]

By Jonathan Locke Hart (Author)


Unforgetting Private Charles Smith can be broken into two parts. The first part is the story of the author’s journey of connection with a forgotten Canadian soldier, Private Charles Smith, through the discovery of Smith’s … [Click to Read More]