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By Dave Nicholson (Author)


Why Are You Still Here is the second book in the Lillian Mystery series, and it continues the story and Lillian’s development. Like the first book, this tale of mystery maintains a focus on Lillian’s … [Click to Read More]

By Olya Illichov (Author), Maddy Shyba (Author), Diana Bezukh (Illustrator)


Introducing global events to young readers can be challenging, but this book presents the Russian invasion of Ukraine in an accessible way. Olya & Olena Escape the Invaders is told from the perspective of two … [Click to Read More]

By Daniel Auger (Author)


In Watishka Warriors, Sandy Lafond returns to the Watishka First Nation in Northern Alberta to care for her aunt and finds the community struggling to deal with local gangs and a recent suicide. Sandy soon … [Click to Read More]

By Rich Théroux (Author), Rich Théroux (Illustrator)

Curriculum Connections
Fine Arts
English Language Arts

Combining poetry, literature, art, and QR code ink animations, The River Troll paints the picture of a teacher seeking to connect with his students, and his musings on the world around him. The author combines … [Click to Read More]

By Payne Many Guns (Author), Crystal Many Fingers (Author), Sheena Potts (Author), Latasha Calf Robe (Author), Tim Fox (Author), Marlene Yellow Horn (Author), DerRic Starlight (Author)


Siksikaitsitapi is a collection of seven stories from Blackfoot Elders, authors, and artists, which showcases the strong historical roots of Blackfoot culture and language while celebrating the contemporary nation members and teachings. With brightly coloured … [Click to Read More]

By Lynda Partridge (Author), Dave Nicholson (Illustrator)


Told through the perspective of 11-year-old Lillian, Lillian & Kokomis highlights the importance of self-acceptance and community through this young girl’s experience with the foster care system. While this story could introduce early learners to … [Click to Read More]

By Raymond Yakeleya (Author), Deborah Desmarais (Illustrator)


The Tree by the Woodpile is the first book in the Spirit of Nature series, and comprises three stories. The first and longest story, “The Tree by the Woodpile,” is about a young Dene boy … [Click to Read More]

By Abu Bakr al Rabeeah (Author), Winnie Yeung (Author)


Homes: A Refugee Story takes us into the experience of Abu Bakr al Rabeeah, a young man who had to flee Syria as violence became an everyday occurrence. Written with his English language arts teacher, … [Click to Read More]

By Rita Feutl (Author)


Rescue in the Rockies is the continuation of Janey’s time-travelling experiences, this time focusing on the area of modern-day Banff. Featuring fictional historical characters such as local Stoney Nakoda and detainees in a World War … [Click to Read More]