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By Jeff Pearce (Author)

Curriculum Connections
Canadian History
Alberta History

While the English settler community may be the one most commonly discussed in Canadian history textbooks, How the English Created Canada gives a broad overview in a very readable style that will appeal to a … [Click to Read More]

By Julie Perrone (Author)


French culture and communities are key parts of the Canadian identity. With over seven million Canadians identifying as French or French Canadian, books like How the French Created Canada serve an important role in highlighting … [Click to Read More]

By Gregory Younging (Author)


Elements of Indigenous Style by Greg Younging (Opaskwayak Cree Nation) is a recent guide to writing about Indigenous peoples that provides guidance on appropriate terminology, respecting oral histories, and more. Although the target audience includes … [Click to Read More]

By Margaret Atwood (Author)


Margaret Atwood’s works have long been a staple of language arts instruction, however, The Burgess Shale offers a unique opportunity to read her stance on the Canadian writing landscape. While this short book discusses many … [Click to Read More]

By Esi Edugyan (Author)


Esi Edugyan frames a conversation about belonging and identity around her experiences living in various parts of the world and visiting her parents’ home country, Ghana. This short, reflective book explores the concepts presented in … [Click to Read More]