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By Naomi K. Lewis (Author)


Lewis’s memoir Tiny Lights for Travellers follows two threads: the story of her life and divorce, alternating with her Opa’s escape from Nazi-occupied Netherlands. The intergenerational trauma of the Holocaust is touched on as Lewis … [Click to Read More]

By Jan Zwicky (Author), Robert V. Moody (Photographer)

Curriculum Connections
English Language Arts
Fine Arts

Sixty-Seven Ontological Studies is a collection of short poems and images meant to evoke feelings on everyday phenomena such as seasons, places, and objects. The black-and-white photographs do not illustrate the poems but offer a … [Click to Read More]

By Emily Kirkham (Author)


Kirkham gives Austen’s Sense and Sensibility a Canadian rural twist in this modern retelling focusing on Ellie and Val—sisters who have two very different approaches to life in the fictional town of Sober. While those … [Click to Read More]

By Sean Godwin (Author), Martin Krkosek (Author), Joseph R. Tomelleri (Illustrator), Tavish Campbell (Photographer)


The Pacific Salmon Field Guide is an excellent resource for anyone interested in various species, but it is also a good example of how to write an informative piece about an animal for science lessons. … [Click to Read More]