Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Care: An Intercultural Perspective

By Carole Massing (Author), Mary Lynne Matheson (Author)

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Whether an educator wants to brush up on intercultural approaches to education or learn about such things for the first time, Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Care provides a good foundation. The key focus of most chapters is how educators can support and affirm students’ identities in today’s diverse society. The book offers many example scenarios to help connect the concepts to real-life applications. Given its recent publication, it includes advice on how to help students deal with stressful events like the COVID-19 pandemic. This book could also benefit school administrators seeking to understand educators’ needs in creating inclusive spaces and lessons. Whether used as a review or a new exploration, every educator will find something of use in this book and its plentiful examples.

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Awards: Winner, Learning Book of the Year, 2022 Alberta Book Publishing Awards

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