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By Jenna Butler (Author)


Steeped in the environment of the prairies, Seldom Seen Road is a collection of poetry that paints vivid pictures of prairie landscapes and, in some cases, the strong women who were rooted there. While one … [Click to Read More]

By Margaret Atwood (Author)


Margaret Atwood’s works have long been a staple of language arts instruction, however, The Burgess Shale offers a unique opportunity to read her stance on the Canadian writing landscape. While this short book discusses many … [Click to Read More]

By Mark Zuehlke (Author), Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair (Author), Alexander Finbow (Author), Claude St. Aubin (Illustrator), Christopher Chuckry (Illustrator)


Following up from an earlier book focusing on the War of 1812, The Loxleys and Confederation rejoins the Loxley family in 1864 as Canadian Confederation discussions are taking place. Told through the graphic novel format … [Click to Read More]

By Alan Grant (Author), Mark Zuehlke (Author), Claude St. Aubin (Illustrator), Lovern Kindzierski (Illustrator)


Combining the graphic novel form with diary and letter-style writings, The Loxleys and the War of 1812 tells the story of the war primarily from a settler family’s (the Loxleys’) perspective. An additional study guide … [Click to Read More]

By Tony Hollihan (Author)


Using excerpts from the personal journals of some members of the Northwest Mounted Police, the organization that would later become the RCMP, The Mounties March West tells a story of early colonization across Canada. The … [Click to Read More]

By Bertrand Bickersteth (Author)


The Response of Weeds is a collection of poetry that captures the spirit and environment of Alberta, while highlighting the Black experience and Black historical figures. Many of the poems are less than a page … [Click to Read More]

By Rich Théroux (Author), Rich Théroux (Illustrator)

Curriculum Connections
Fine Arts
English Language Arts

Combining poetry, literature, art, and QR code ink animations, The River Troll paints the picture of a teacher seeking to connect with his students, and his musings on the world around him. The author combines … [Click to Read More]

By Eden Robinson (Author)


Formatted as an accessible short memoir, The Sasquatch at Home is a stream of moments from Eden Robinson’s life, delving into relationships, family, place, and identity. Coming from an Indigenous perspective, Robinson discusses protocol and … [Click to Read More]

By Jonathan Locke Hart (Author)


Unforgetting Private Charles Smith can be broken into two parts. The first part is the story of the author’s journey of connection with a forgotten Canadian soldier, Private Charles Smith, through the discovery of Smith’s … [Click to Read More]

By Daniel Auger (Author)


In Watishka Warriors, Sandy Lafond returns to the Watishka First Nation in Northern Alberta to care for her aunt and finds the community struggling to deal with local gangs and a recent suicide. Sandy soon … [Click to Read More]

By Tom Sando (Author)


Wild Daisies in the Sand is a collection of the author’s diary entries, written during his imprisonment in internment camps as a Japanese Canadian during World War II. Behind barbed wire fences in Petawawa and … [Click to Read More]