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By Margaret Atwood (Author)


Margaret Atwood’s works have long been a staple of language arts instruction, however, The Burgess Shale offers a unique opportunity to read her stance on the Canadian writing landscape. While this short book discusses many … [Click to Read More]

By Esi Edugyan (Author)


Esi Edugyan frames a conversation about belonging and identity around her experiences living in various parts of the world and visiting her parents’ home country, Ghana. This short, reflective book explores the concepts presented in … [Click to Read More]

By Eden Robinson (Author)


Formatted as an accessible short memoir, The Sasquatch at Home is a stream of moments from Eden Robinson’s life, delving into relationships, family, place, and identity. Coming from an Indigenous perspective, Robinson discusses protocol and … [Click to Read More]

By Michael Crummey (Author)


In a critical review of fiction as a mirror tinted by the perspective of an author, Michael Crummey launches a short but deep dive into what exactly fiction is in relation to reality. Most of … [Click to Read More]

By Leanne Betasamosake Simpson (Author)


Using beaver dams as a metaphor for Indigenous blockades, A Short History of the Blockade provides a perspective on Indigenous resistance and resilience. With short chapters but deep meaning, Simpson’s work can be used to … [Click to Read More]