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By Harold Cardinal (Author), Walter Hildebrandt (Author)

Curriculum Connections
Social Studies
Indigenous Matters

Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan blends past and present, bringing together the voices of various Saskatchewan Elders to present a holistic view of Indigenous ways of knowing about land, treaties, and relationships. The book’s many photographs … [Click to Read More]

By C.L. Higham (Editor), Robert Thacker (Editor)


A follow-up collection of essays, One West, Two Myths II again tackles various elements of the mythos of historical North American frontiers, ranging from art to historiographies. The essays could be used independently in social … [Click to Read More]

By Carol Higham (Editor), Robert Thacker (Editor)


One West, Two Myths takes a critical view of the traditional western mythos that created many generations’ ideals of the “Old West.” With a particular focus on place, this collection of essays explores the colonizing … [Click to Read More]

By Natalie Meisner (Author)


Told through the eyes of an aspiring queer historian, Legislating Love is a play that explores the story of the last Canadian man jailed for being gay. The play is rooted in the facts of … [Click to Read More]

By Adrian Lysenko (Author), Ivanka Theodosia Galadza (Illustrator)


In Five Stalks of Grain, Nadia and Taras face hardship, loss, and grief as they try to survive the Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine. This graphic novel shows the moral struggles faced even by children, in … [Click to Read More]

By Betty Bastien (Author)


Blackfoot Ways of Knowing provides a deep dive into Blackfoot language, culture, and traditional knowledge intertwined with Betty Bastien’s engagement with her identity. Guided by Elders and her own experiences, Bastien provides an extensive exploration … [Click to Read More]

By René Fumoleau (Author)


In As Long As This Land Shall Last, Fumoleau outlines the relationships and parties involved in the areas under Treaty 8 and Treaty 11, which includes Northern Alberta. Particular attention is paid to providing sources … [Click to Read More]


La Confédération canadienne est un sujet complexe à aborder d’une manière qui reconnaît les peuples autochtones, les colons anglophones et les colons francophones, mais La Confédération, 1864-1999 tente de décrire les facteurs principaux qui ont … [Click to Read More]


Canadian Confederation is a complex topic to tackle in a way that acknowledges the experiences of Indigenous peoples, Anglophone settlers, and Francophone settlers. Reconsidering Confederation attempts to outline the major factors that led to the … [Click to Read More]