Sixty-Seven Ontological Studies: 49 Poems and 18 Photographs

By Jan Zwicky (Author), Robert V. Moody (Photographer)

Curriculum Connections
English Language Arts
Fine Arts

Sixty-Seven Ontological Studies is a collection of short poems and images meant to evoke feelings on everyday phenomena such as seasons, places, and objects. The black-and-white photographs do not illustrate the poems but offer a visual representation of a deeper connected theme, leaving plenty of space for interpretation. The work could be used in English classes to discuss what is evoked when the words and images are presented separately and in tandem. Because the poems are short, focus can be given to elements such as word choice and symbolism. In fine arts classes, the images could support discussions of technique, lighting, or framing. This collection might inspire a poetry assignment where learners could similarly explore commonplace experiences from their perspectives. Learners could create companion art that, like Moody’s photographs, does not illustrate the poem but further explores the topic through a visual medium.

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