The Wolves at My Shadow: The Story of Ingelore Rothschild

By Ingelore Rothschild (Author), Darilyn Stahl Listort (Editor), Dennis Listort (Editor)

Curriculum Connections
Social Studies
English Language Arts

Much like other books in the Our Lives collection, The Wolves at My Shadow covers historical events from a personal perspective paired with historical material—in this case, photographs. This book presents the viewpoint of a young Jewish German girl whose family escapes to Japan, and their experiences during World War II. As with the collection’s other works, this book does an excellent job of situating small personal pieces in the context of greater historical tides. This lends a human aspect that will connect with readers, as compared to facts learned from social studies textbooks.

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Supplementary Resources: Athabasca University Press is an open access publisher. An open access version of this resource can be found here.

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