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By Gregory Younging (Author)


Elements of Indigenous Style by Greg Younging (Opaskwayak Cree Nation) is a recent guide to writing about Indigenous peoples that provides guidance on appropriate terminology, respecting oral histories, and more. Although the target audience includes … [Click to Read More]

By Margaret Atwood (Author)


Margaret Atwood’s works have long been a staple of language arts instruction, however, The Burgess Shale offers a unique opportunity to read her stance on the Canadian writing landscape. While this short book discusses many … [Click to Read More]

By Esi Edugyan (Author)


Esi Edugyan frames a conversation about belonging and identity around her experiences living in various parts of the world and visiting her parents’ home country, Ghana. This short, reflective book explores the concepts presented in … [Click to Read More]

By Larry Donovan (Author), Tom Monto (Author)


Alberta Place Names is an alphabetized reference book of geographical place names in Alberta. Each entry contains a brief description of a location and the origins of its name. Supplementary information is occasionally provided (about … [Click to Read More]

By David D. Orr (Author)


Encountering Riel is a historical-fiction story about a young student called into active service against the Métis rebellion led by Louis Riel. While much of the story focuses on the Canadian worldview as told through … [Click to Read More]