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By Jan Zwicky (Author), Robert V. Moody (Photographer)

Curriculum Connections
English Language Arts
Fine Arts

Sixty-Seven Ontological Studies is a collection of short poems and images meant to evoke feelings on everyday phenomena such as seasons, places, and objects. The black-and-white photographs do not illustrate the poems but offer a … [Click to Read More]

By Emily Kirkham (Author)


Kirkham gives Austen’s Sense and Sensibility a Canadian rural twist in this modern retelling focusing on Ellie and Val—sisters who have two very different approaches to life in the fictional town of Sober. While those … [Click to Read More]

By Vivek Shraya (Author)


In Next Time There’s a Pandemic, the author reflects on her experiences during the 2020 lockdowns and the confusing, isolating months that followed. Shraya begins by commenting on how she believed 2020 was going to … [Click to Read More]

By Chris Craddock (Author)


Puberty is a complicated and sometimes scary part of growing up, but these three plays by Craddock touch on some of the most difficult issues teens might face with thoughtfulness and humour. Each of the … [Click to Read More]

By Jenna Butler (Author)


While most may never visit the Arctic in person, Magnetic North paints a vivid poetic picture that figuratively transports readers to the beauty of this harsh northern region. This short work falls somewhere between a … [Click to Read More]

By Patrick Grant (Author)


In The Letters of Vincent van Gogh, Grant examines recurring themes and motifs in the artist’s life and how his circumstances may have affected what he wrote. Each of the book’s three sections deals with … [Click to Read More]