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By George Blondin (Author)


Yamoria the Lawmaker is a collection of stories that showcase Dene worldviews and moral teachings. The collection is presented by Elder Blondin and includes many stories from his own family experience and teachings; however, some … [Click to Read More]

By Harold Cardinal (Author), Walter Hildebrandt (Author)

Curriculum Connections
Social Studies
Indigenous Matters

Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan blends past and present, bringing together the voices of various Saskatchewan Elders to present a holistic view of Indigenous ways of knowing about land, treaties, and relationships. The book’s many photographs … [Click to Read More]

By Aaron W. Hughes (Author)


In 10 Days that Shaped Modern Canada, Hughes attempts to boil Canada’s history down to ten days that irrevocably changed the country. Each chapter focuses on one day, and the context and primary actors of … [Click to Read More]

By Carol Higham (Editor), Robert Thacker (Editor)


One West, Two Myths takes a critical view of the traditional western mythos that created many generations’ ideals of the “Old West.” With a particular focus on place, this collection of essays explores the colonizing … [Click to Read More]

By Cherie Dimaline (Author)


In An Anthology of Monsters, Dimaline discusses the many ways in which anxiety has impacted her life. She discusses the real-life monsters that many of us face daily—like self-doubt, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome—and the advice … [Click to Read More]

By Dave Nicholson (Author)


Why Are You Still Here is the second book in the Lillian Mystery series, and it continues the story and Lillian’s development. Like the first book, this tale of mystery maintains a focus on Lillian’s … [Click to Read More]

By Raymond Yakeleya (Author), Samantha Gibbon (Illustrator), Rich Théroux (Illustrator), Antoine Mountain (Illustrator)


The Rainbow, the Midwife & the Birds is a short but welcoming introduction to Dene ways of knowing, complete with gorgeous, colourful illustrations. The artwork makes it an excellent option to add Indigenous perspectives to … [Click to Read More]

By Gregory Younging (Author)


Elements of Indigenous Style by Greg Younging (Opaskwayak Cree Nation) is a recent guide to writing about Indigenous peoples that provides guidance on appropriate terminology, respecting oral histories, and more. Although the target audience includes … [Click to Read More]

By David D. Orr (Author)


Encountering Riel is a historical-fiction story about a young student called into active service against the Métis rebellion led by Louis Riel. While much of the story focuses on the Canadian worldview as told through … [Click to Read More]