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By Anna Marie Sewell (Author)


Hazel is a private investigator searching for missing Indigenous girls and women alongside her shapeshifting companion, Spider, in a compelling story of what it means to be human and the importance of being humane. Written … [Click to Read More]

By Jack W. Brink (Author)


Despite including a great deal of archaeological and enthnoanthropological information, Imagining Head-Smashed-In is written in an accessible manner, allowing inexperienced readers to delve into the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in great detail. … [Click to Read More]

By Carole Massing (Author), Mary Lynne Matheson (Author)

Curriculum Connections
Educator Education

Whether an educator wants to brush up on intercultural approaches to education or learn about such things for the first time, Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Care provides a good foundation. The key focus … [Click to Read More]


La Confédération canadienne est un sujet complexe à aborder d’une manière qui reconnaît les peuples autochtones, les colons anglophones et les colons francophones, mais La Confédération, 1864-1999 tente de décrire les facteurs principaux qui ont … [Click to Read More]

By Natalie Meisner (Author)


Told through the eyes of an aspiring queer historian, Legislating Love is a play that explores the story of the last Canadian man jailed for being gay. The play is rooted in the facts of … [Click to Read More]

By Helen Waldstein Wilkes (Author)


Filled with photos and personal reflections, Letters from the Lost follows the author’s rediscovery of her family’s experience with the Holocaust through a box of letters and a photo album. This book has a dual … [Click to Read More]

By Lynda Partridge (Author), Dave Nicholson (Illustrator)


Told through the perspective of 11-year-old Lillian, Lillian & Kokomis highlights the importance of self-acceptance and community through this young girl’s experience with the foster care system. While this story could introduce early learners to … [Click to Read More]

By Darlene Pearl Auger (Author), Chloe “Bluebird” Mustooch (Illustrator)


This kit features four storybooks, a CD of the stories read aloud, and a Cree Women in Song CD with a lyric booklet—making it a complete multimedia experience showcasing Woodland Cree teachings around childhood and … [Click to Read More]